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HemoHIM Complex Extract plus including Angelica Radix is a patented herbal supplement made from 100% natural ingredients such as Angelica Radix, Cnidium officinale, and Paeonia japonica. HemoHIM+ will give you energy, improve your immune system functions and improve anti-cancer activity for your body in addition to many other benefits. This product is able to achieve excellent results through high purity refining technology, delivering a precise formula of the purest and most effective ingredients in each packet. One must experience HemoHIM+ to understand its full transformational effects. This product is approved by the FDA.

Who is it good for?

  • People who often feel fatigue
  • People who require more stamina
  • People lacking energy from work-related stress
  • Athletes engaging in strenuous activity
  • Students preparing for tests requiring physical strength

Anyone at any age can experience the benefits of HemoHIM+.


  • NK cell activation - An immune cell which is generated in the human bone marrow to destruct harmful substances to the human body. NK cells can eat cancer cells
  • Cytokine generation improvement - A type of cell playing a central role in the immune system
  • Immunity enhancement - Enhances immunity to maintain health
  • Immune cell activation - Improves human body defense capacity


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Above diagram: HemoHIM+ has been proven to be several times more effective than ginseng products and mushrooms for increasing immune capacity. HemoHIM+ was tested against Jin Sam (A), Hong Sam Red Ginseng (B), and Seonsam ginseng (C). It was also tested against Eungi (D) and Sanghwang (E) mushrooms varieties.

In a test involving 63 persons with 5000 ea/µl of white blood cells (normal), it was identified that HemoHIM+ improved NK cell activation, immune cell activation, and cytokine generation.

What does HemoHIM+ stand for?

  • Hemo is short for hemoglobin
  • H is an abbreviation for hematopoiesis (production of blood cells)
  • is an abbreviation for immune
  • M  is an abbreviation for modulation
  • The + refers to an improved version of HemoHIM.

HIM also means “strength” in Korean.

#1 medically approved health food supplement by the Korean FDA

HemoHIM+ is cultivated in Korea and developed through biotechnology and radiation technologies from the food-life engineering team of the Korea Atomic Energy Institute. It was a government project that spanned 8 years, cost 5 billion won (roughly $4.7 million USD) involving 15 expert Ph.D.’s. It is both KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration) and USA FDA approved and comes recognized as the #1 medically approved health food supplement by the KFDA. HemoHIM+ is pateneted in the US, Europe (UK, France, Germany and Italy), and Japan.

Product Details

hemohim nutritional facts HemoHIM Natural Health Food Supplement Organic materials: complex extract [Angelica gigas Nakai (Korea), Cnidium officinale (Korea), Paeonia japonica (Korea)], low sugar, guar gum, vitamin C, citrate, Sodium alginate
hemohim herbs HemoHIM Natural Health Food Supplement
Volume: 54 packets x 20ml, 1080ml total (9 boxes, 6 packs per box)
Instructions: Consume 1 pouch twice daily. Store in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight.
If you are allergic to cnidium, angelica radix, or any of the herbal ingredients, please consult your doctor before consumption.

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